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[KABUM] Roteador RT-AC86U - R$ 871,00

Enviado por dilneiss - 7 mêses atrás

Roteador com muitos recursos no firmware de fábrica, já com o o firmware alternativo Asuswrt-Merlin, os recursos sobem exponencialmente, existe muitos script’s e addon’s opensource para implementar.

Roteador Gamer Wireless ASUS RT-AC86U, Dual band AC2900Mbps, AiMesh, 3 Antenas, USB 3.0 impressora, 3G, 4G, DualCore, Rede Gigabit, AiRadar

Desfrute de redes mais suaves e transferências de dados mais rápidas com o processador de núcleo duplo de 64 Gb de PC de grau Inteligente. Veja mais!

Algumas funções novas no Asuswrt-Merlin


Act as a SMB Master Browser

Act as a WINS server

SSHD support for key-based authentication

Allows tweaking TCP/UDP connection tracking timeouts

CIFS client support (for mounting remote SMB share on the router)

User-defined options for WAN DHCP requests (required by some ISPs)
Advanced OpenVPN client and server, based on code originally written by Keith Moyer for Tomato and reused with his permission.

Support for new OpenVPN 2.4 features like NCP and LZ4

Netfilter ipset module, for efficient blacklist implementation

Wireless site survey page
DNS-based Filtering, enforcing a specific DNS server, can be applied globally or per client

Custom DDNS (through a user script)

TOR support, individual client access control
Policy-based routing for OpenVPN clients (based on source or destination IPs), sometimes referred to as "selective routing", or "split tunneling")

DNSSEC validation

fq_codel queue discipline for QoS (ARM-based models only)

Full cone NAT support (RT-AC86U/RT-AX88U only)

Detailed wireless troubleshooting information (RT-AC86U/RT-AX88U only)
Modern DDNS client (In-a-Dyn), with https support

DNS-over-TLS support

Redirect NTP client queries to the router's own NTP daemon